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Painful intercourse.

Pain that occurs directly in the process of sexual intercourse can be caused by several factors. For example, antihistamines can cause dryness and pain in the vagina, so if you use them, talk to your doctor about changing the drug. Perhaps you have allocated insufficient lubrication for that now, there are special tools, just do not need to buy them in sex shops, and pharmacies. If you have reason to suspect contamination of any infection, you need to immediately consult a specialist. Sometimes the pain may disappear by itself. But it may become permanent, it affects a considerable number of women, but many of them are embarrassed to talk about this issue with your partner, and it eventually ends up lower inclination and in extreme cases – the fear and rejection of sexual intercourse in women. Until you determine the cause, the symptoms can appear more and more frequently, each time with renewed vigor. So first of all should be checked by a gynecologist. If the physical side will be all right, consult a sex therapist. Sexual intercourse is not normally have to be painful. Maybe the reason quite a lot of character? For example, if you speak a partner, which poses you like and which do not? It is possible that you are in pain only in a certain position. Doctors recommend drinking in the prevention of cranberry juice.


Thrush is common in women of all age groups. Approximately 75% of the fairer sex of the planet at least once in their lifetime were itching in the vagina, pain during sexual contact with a partner or discomfort when urinating. And the culprit for such trouble is most often thrush – a disease caused by a fungus. The reason for its occurrence can be such a thing as a permanent lack of sleep, stress, certain drugs treatment or even pregnancy. Never attempt to treat yourself, and at the first manifestations go to the doctor. Doctors most often limited to the appointment of special preparations, but in some cases there is a need for a comprehensive solution to the problem. Thrush is not always possible to accurately diagnose, so sometimes the treatment is ineffective. In such cases, research is required in special laboratories.


Brands carried at Eye Kandy include Hodge’s Collection, Dunia and Inside Out. One of the more unique lines is Fredd + Basha. The brand features handbags painted by elephants. And yes, that means actual elephants at the Elephants Helping Elephants Clinic in northern Thailand use brushes held in their trunks to stroke paint on the bags.A portion of